What is moneyline betting?

Nov 22,2021 at 05:34 pm

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This is by far the most popular form of sports betting. Not only is moneyline betting good because it is understood and applied without problems by complete beginners, but it is also used daily by professional bookmakers and people who live from betting. In fact, there are a huge number of people who earn their living in this way, and they bet exclusively on the final outcomes of sports events.

We will do our best to explain the main advantages of moneyline betting more thoroughlyin the next few paragraphs. We believe that it will help you, no matter if you are a professional in this field or you are just learning.


Moneyline betting represents betting on an individual or team that will win a certain match or sports competition. Simple, isn't it? It doesn't matter how they win, how many goals or points they score, how long a certain match or competition will last, it is only important that that person or team be the winner in the end.

The main advantages of moneyline betting

There are several reasons why moneyline betting is so popular in the world. We will do our best to show you in detail the main advantages of this betting method so that you can bet in the future without any reservations.



Nothing in life should be complicated unnecessarily, so it is the same in sports betting. We live in an era when bookmakers come up with some complex props every day and thus entice people to think in the wrong direction. Many bettors do not realize that simplicity is actually very important in the betting world.

One of the main secrets of success in the world of betting is finding value in certain props. You will win a bet easier if you bet that a certain team will only win than if you bet that it will win if it leads both at halftime and at the end, and that the total number of goals in that match will be between four and six.

Betting on the final outcome is the absolute winner in the world of betting when it comes to simplicity. Choose a winner, assess whether the odds are worth the risk and place a bet. If your assessment was good, you will earn. No complications.

It is easier to find a valuebet

The simplicity that characterizes moneyline betting brings us to the next advantage of this way of betting. In one of the earlier articles, we wrote about finding a valuebet, and with this way of betting it is even easier.

It is even unnecessary to do some complex calculations. With a few simple math operations, you can come up with a calculation of whether moneyline betting is worth it or not. Although you might not be a fan of mathematics and do not use it when betting, with a model like this you will find a valubet easier.


Ideal model for beginners

If you have someone you want to get acquainted with the world of betting, this should be a starting lesson. There is no easier and faster way to learn the basics than moneyline betting.

Many people make mistakes because they overwhelm beginners with information, numbers, rules, systems and thus create general confusion. This will make it easier for them to change their mind than to enjoy betting.

Through this model, it will be easiest for them to grasp what is happening and they will probably be in the mood to continue learning about sports betting.

We hope that you don’t have any moredoubts about moneyline betting. In the next article, we will deal with strategies, as well as factors that affect the change of odds when betting on the final outcome.

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