How to determine the amount of an individual bet

Oct 28,2021 at 04:05 pm

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Now that we know how much the total bankroll should be, how to determine the starting bankroll and how to reach the ideal one, we will introduce you more thoroughly to the models for determining the amount of an individual bet.

Professional bettors have a clearly defined model of each individual payment. If you are not sure what the amount is, read the next few paragraphs carefully. There is an explanation of the amount of an individual stake, which will solve many dilemmas.

The most common way of determining the amount of an individual bet is the percentage of the total bankroll. The most successful bettors in the world strictly adhere to this method, but the percentage varies from player to player. This way, they can even afford a large number of consecutive missed bets, but due to strict rules, they will not be in a significant deficit.

There are three groups depending on how willing you are to take the risk. The amount of payment does not have to be fixed for each match, but it should not oscillate too much. Therefore, there is a low, medium, and high-risk group, and in the following paragraphs we will explain each of them in more detail.


Low risk (1-2%)

This is the safest of the three options listed. This way you will minimize the risk of bankruptcy or it will happen much more slowly. If you are just starting to bet more seriously, our recommendation is that this should be your strategy, because mistakes that you make will cost you less.

You can place 1-2% of your bankroll on a single bet. This means that if your total budget is € 300, the maximum possible payment is € 6. But that doesn't mean that this is the maximum amount you can place at a given moment, but you can have 10 active bets, which means you will actually haveinvested€ 60.

Medium risk (1-4%)

If you are not an amateur and already have some experience in betting, this risk may be best for you. Medium risk is also best for those bettors who have not yet been able to determine which group is the most optimal for them. You can always switch to a low or high-risk group.

The amount of your individual bet may be 1-4% of the bankroll. This means that the maximum payment must not exceed € 12, assuming your bankroll is € 300.

High risk (1-5%)

If you are an experienced player and you have been seriously betting for some time, you can give yourself the freedom to deposit 5% of your current bankroll. This also applies to that group of players who are adrenaline junkies and like high risk.

This means that the payment on an individual bet can be € 15, and in this, as in the previous two cases, the rule is that you can have 20 active bets. In such a situation, your entire budget of € 300 would be placed, but againyou reduce the risk of complete bankruptcy. The probability of missing all 20 bets is very small.

Total bankroll


If you still do not know the amount of your starting bankroll, after the previous section, you can calculate it in the following way.

If you are able to make each individual bet 10 €, and you feel most comfortable in the medium-risk group, then you will get the amount of your bankroll using the following formula:

(single bet x 100) / 4 = starting bankroll

(10 x 100) / 4 = 250

Bankroll recalculation

The total amount of your bankroll will change after each bet, regardless of whether it is successful or unsuccessful. That is why it is important to periodically recalculate the bankroll and determine the dynamics of the change of an individual bet.

How often you do this is up to you. Don't do that after every single match because you will "burn out", but, in our opinion, it is optimal to do a recalculation every two weeks.

Keep tracking


Also, keeping track of each bet is a must, which means that the date, event, payment, win and final outcome should be entered in a sheet.

This does not include the description of the match, and the analysis before and after the match. It also does not include competitions that you predict more or less successfully. Only elementary data should be taken into account because you will not be able to recalculate your bankroll without them.

It is best to make an Excel spreadsheet with columns and formulas, which will take a little more time at first, but will be much easier once you get used to using and updating it.


It is really important for you to understand that this segment is elementary and very important if you want to be successful in the world of professional betting.

If you want this to be your primary or secondary source of income, bookmark this text and read it again from time to time. It will definitely help you.

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