5 most common betting mistakes

Sep 30,2021 at 10:57 am

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Are you a passionate sports fan? You like betting and you have the desire to make money, but you just can't do it? Do you keep making the same mistakes over and over again? These are the five most common betting mistakes that you need to fix urgently if you want to be successful.


Don’t bet on your favourite teams

One of the most common mistakes made by a large number of beginners is betting on teams they like or support. For example, Manchester United and the Los Angeles Lakers are your favourite teams or you are LeBron James’ fan and you always bet on them, regardless of their opponents. That is, you play with your heart, not your mind. Bookmakers adore such players.


When making decisions about events that you will bet on, it is necessary to exclude feelings completely, because emotions have no influence on successful bettors. You should analyze all aspects of the event: recent form, head to head matches, statistics, tradition, latest news, schedule… Never place bets just because you are a fan of some club or players.


Don’t chase losses

You must be disciplined. Discipline is your main trump card in the fight against a much more organized, bigger, better and stronger opponent called a bookmaker. It might not be your day, week, month – no one wins every day. Many of us cannot bear the defeat. That’s when the desire to make up for what we lost expressly arises.

You have to stay calm, because that’s when irrational thinking, as well as hasty decision making, usually starts. They often lead to even greater losses, nervousness, anxiety, which is not good at all.


Unrealistic expectations

No one got rich overnight, so you won't get rich that way either. You will have several successful days in a row, and you will think that you are almighty. You are not. Being successful in the world of betting means making a profit in the long run. That doesn't mean making big money in a few days and spending all your profit with friends in a nightclub, thinking that you will make money again tomorrow.

As previously mentioned, discipline is our strongest weapon. We also need to set a goal. If your goal is to earn €1,000 this month with a capital of €300, when you get to it, withdraw €700 and start again with €300. That way, you will be proud of yourself, and there will be no dissatisfaction.


Laziness and insufficient knowledge

Betting, like any other occupation, is no friend to laziness and insufficient knowledge. You will not be successful if you woke up with the feeling that Liverpool would beat Arsenal today or you dreamed that Salah scored two goals.


Also, during big sporting events and competitions, many bettors lose money by betting on a certain event, because they only watched one game. They do not want to get acquainted with the team structure, their playing style, previous results ...

In the short term, such an approach can bring some profit, but in the long run it can seriously affect your budget and betting performance. You should analyze each event thoroughly. Try to control the situation to the maximum and reduce the risk of loss to a minimum.

In the long run, it will surely bring you profit, and you will be proud of yourself and motivated to approach the next events.


Bankroll management

Do you lose more than you should? Do you look at all the possible ways to make up for the lost money as soon as possible, because you don't know how to pay the bills? You don't keep any profit and loss records? It's time to master bankroll management as soon as possible.


It is necessary to take care of every bet and every euro invested. Bankroll management will teach you to know at all times how much you have earned and how much you are allowed to invest in some future events.

Make a sheet where after each placed bet you will record the event, type, odds, bet amount, potential winnings and net income (or loss) and try to control the situation all the times.

After a while, you will know exactly how much you can invest in an individual event, as well as which competitions and sports outcomes you can predict with more success.


The safest way to win

If you do not have enough patience to bet in a disciplined manner or you cannot analyze the event due to other obligations, we suggest that you become part of the Betlamma family.

Our advanced calculator will find events for you. It will even determine the amount of money you should bet based on the total amount you are willing to place. Most importantly, income is guaranteed.

If this sounds like a fraud to you and you're not sure enough, read our text and find out what Surebets are. It's time for you to move on to the winning side.

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